Waters sports. Keep the heath up

Water Sport Move

The next time you visit Palm Beach, you’ll be back on a jet ski rental again. Rent a jet ski and experience a fun and exciting ride across the beautiful Florida waters. Experience the thrill of scuba diving with the ease of snorkeling on a guided SNUBA® adventure, now available at Sandals Ochi and Sandals Royal Plantation. There are sailing races from small sailboats which test your skills on small bodies of water all the way to International competitions like “America’s Cup”. A parasail is a parachute that is specially designed to be towed behind a boat. You can enjoy a breathtaking view of the water and horizon with a fun-filled ride.

Technology has changed spearfishing – which now involves the use of air-powered spearguns or slings along with various diving equipment. The original technique is to hold your breath underwater to spear fish with no bait, being very specific and selective. Hence, it is the most environment-friendly form of fishing. Triathlon is a type of race that popularly involves swimming, cycling, and running various distances in immediate succession.

This is an energetic sport that entails a complete body workout. The players are expected to swim and defend the ball while attempting to score against their opponents. Experience the Caribbean waters above and below with our outstanding Sandals Fleet. Explore unique underwater landscape from the comfort of our Glass Bottom Boats or dive in from our state-of-the-art Newton Dive Boats.

When it comes to para sailing, you’ll be strapped into an exciting parachute and you’ll be floating high up in the air! It’ll give you the panoramic view of the beach and will make you feel so comfortable, effortless, invincible and more. Don’t worry, your feet mostly will not touch the waters! But, it’s called a water sport because of the view and, the feel which is most preferred in beaches, etc. Scuba diving is open for water levels of all kinds- be it shallow or deeps, scuba diving awaits you! Go deep sea diving, opt for technical diving, if you’re a professional and feel the water pass right through you.

This could become one of your favorite water sports. You shouldn’t have issues with parking 🙂 Enjoy the underwater marine life. Wakesurfing, a sport where the individual surfs on the wake created by a boat without holding onto the handle. Sit-down hydrofoiling is riding on the water with a hydrofoil attached to a ski.

If you like horse riding and water activities, you may want to add this unique experience on your bucket list. Well, this list of water sports should help you make your life even more exciting. Water skiing, a sport where an individual holds onto a rope and handle while being towed across the water while riding one or two water skis. Who doesn’t love the thrill of feeling the wind on your face as you speed over the water on a jetski? Add some excitement to your vacation by renting a waverunner! Able to fit one to three passengers, our jet ski rentals are the perfect choice for a family outing or solo excursion around Hobe Sound.

This sport is partially inspired by snowboarding, and is often performed in smaller water bodies like lakes. Also, cable skiing is similar to wake boarding, but uses cables for artificial maneuvering. Some boats are specifically manufactured to create large wakes for the wakeboarder. These activities should avoid being close to shorelines because of the wave action.

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