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.. You can also see freshwater turtles sunbathing on dry logs. Citrus gardens and greenhouses that fill the fertile lands along the rich riverbed are also worth seeing.

It is charming and proud, like all cities with a river running through it. The color of her hair is from the gilded domed monasteries; the color of your eyes from the endless greenery; the pinkness of his cheeks from the vodka he drank instead of water; This city is a woman who takes the color of her skin from the cover of white snow covered in winter, whose lineage is also noble, but at the same time sleazy and friendly, full of life.

In this issue of the magazine Bursa with the main theme of “water”, we turn our route to the north, to a city with a river running through it, Kiev. Even though Ukraine, which is our northern neighbor due to the Black Sea, even though it is not our border neighbor, has been a little far from us during the Iron Curtain period, it is in fact a close neighbor in which we even have kinship relations. Ukraine, a large country with a surface area of ​​approximately 600 thousand km2 and a population of around 46 million, extends along the Dnieper River into Eastern Europe, including the Crimean Peninsula from a wide coastline in the north of the Black Sea. Full place in the same time zone is north and we received our share of Ukraine’s climate is temperate continental climate in the north and of course due to the seasonal average temperatures are slightly lower than Turkey. I would like to underline this “a little more”

Because if you are going to make your trip in autumn or winter, it is useful to prepare according to the temperatures below zero. Kyiv Kynazlığı is considered the beginning of Russian political history and the city where Kievan Rus’ established their first administrative units. According to some, it was the first Russian capital. According to legend, the founders of the city; Three brothers named Kyi, Shchek, Khoryv and their sister Lybed. It is believed that he got his name, which is Kyiv in Ukrainian, from his elder brother. In some sources, it is said that Kiev means “house built by the river” in Hazarya Turkish. I do not intend to go into its history after its establishment in detail, but over the centuries, many

once changed hands Kiev. The 1920 Soviet invasion resulted in the death of 8 million Ukrainians. Before long, II. As a result of the successive invasions of German and Russian armies during World War II, about 7-8 million Ukrainians were killed and the city of Kiev was destroyed … Ukraine and Kiev city, full of bloody invasions and great pain, is a geography that has experienced the Chernobyl disaster in recent history (1986). While immersed in the dusty and radiant pages of history, let us remind you of Victor Yushchenko’s Orange Revolution, which took place during the independence that came in 1991 after Perestroika and the presidential election in 2004. As an interesting statistic, it should be noted that the female population in the country is about 4 million more than the male population. Women make up 57% of the population of Kiev. Some like Lviv

in cities, this rate reaches up to 80%. It would not be wrong to say that women in Ukraine, which has also taken out Hürrem Sultan, have an active role in both social and political life and trade.

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