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I believe that this togetherness catch this season. “Yildirim Demirören, to upgrade the football brand value in Turkey emphasized the need to act long-term thinking, Clubs Association said they would support their audit record of the club through the Foundation. Turkey, explaining that currently many beautiful stadium made Demirören , “These stadiums do not have any meaning when there is no audience. It is necessary to fill these stadiums with the audience. ”Demirören stated that they wanted to renovate the Atatürk Olympic Stadium and turn it into a national team stadium. (AA)

ANKARA – BUĞRA ERSAVAŞ – National wrestler Taha Akgül said that he will reach the gold medal by “breaking the leg of the devil” at the World Wrestling Championship to be organized in Uzbekistan. Reminding that he participated in the World Championship for the first time last year and won a bronze medal, Akgül told AA correspondent, “I was defeated by my opponent in the European Championship and left the bronze medal. As the last European champion, I go to the World Championship as a favorite. Summer months are generally mine. It is unlucky for him, but I hope this time ‘I will break the devil’s leg’ and win a gold medal, ”he said. Stating that the assertive Iranian, Uzbek and American athletes will also wrestle in the championship, Akgül said, “I will have 6 equivalent rivals. The number of equivalent countries in freestyle wrestling is too many. “I want to use this advantage. World and Olympic gold medals are missing in my career. I hope to get both,” he said. (AA)

İZMİR (AA) – ALİ KORKMAZ – Akhisar Belediyespor, who went to the Super League with coach Hamza Hamzaoğlu and managed to hold in the league for 2 seasons with its modest staff, will start the 2014-2015 season under the management of coach Mustafa Reşit Akçay. In the Aegean representative, where 27 people played last year, 13 of these players left the way. Akhisar Belediyespor, Çağdaş Atan, Emin Aladağ, Emrah Eren, Erkan Taşkıran, Evren Özyiğit, Ivan Sesar, Kuate, Mustafa Aşan, Niasse, Özgür Can Özcan, Riedle, Serkan Yalçın, Sertan Vardar will not continue the season this year. Akhisar Belediyespor, which has so far included Turkish players Cantuğ Temel, Çağlar Birinci, Muhammed Burak Taşdemir and Taşkın Çalış, as well as foreign players Douglao, Ntibazonkıza, Djoum, Zokora and former player Gekas, as well as these 9 players and Onurcan Güler from the infrastructure. Included in the A team squad.

The Turkish festival in California attracted great attention AN FRANCISCO – The Turkish festival organized by the Turkish-American Association in the city of Monterey, California, USA, attracted great attention this year as well. The festival, which was held for the 17th time this year and lasted for two days in Monterey, the touristic city in the south of San Francisco, witnessed colorful scenes. The festival occurs> Turkey stands in establishing the diagnosis> T> c> products and photographs were exhibited. Tourists and attendees, especially those who showed great interest in Turkish coffee, lined up to have a coffee fortune telling.

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