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.. ”he didn’t say? Everyone knows what Kanuni did for Hürrem … Sheikh Galip, although he was a sheikh, III. Didn’t he yearn for Selim’s sister, Beyhan Sultan? Didn’t he go into Topkapı Palace secretly for his love, meet and meet with his beloved even though it is not known what they were talking about in the special garden and in a corner away from the eyes? Wasn’t it love that put the lover and the tongs in this state? Didn’t Mevlânâ greet everyone for his beloved friend of life, Şems?

Hasn’t he offended the world and everyone after his death? Didn’t dolphin burn with figurative love? It is a rumor, but did Sezai Karakoç and Cemal Süreyya not make a claim for Monaroza and Cemal Süreyya, who lost the claim, did not give up a “y” in her last name, which is important for a person, for love, for a woman? Were there not many wars in the world for love? Wasn’t the most famous of these the Turuva wars for Helene? What was the fault of the people who died in those wars? Didn’t love make a mistake for those who decided on this war? Have not many people been unable to bear the weight of love and lost both their world and their afterlife by committing suicide? Didn’t the prophet Yusuf lie in the dungeon for years because Züleyha did not do what he wanted for love? Examples can be reproduced, but does anyone make mistakes in love? Each

the owner of the thing, does not Mevla have mercy and mercy? Will he refuse his servants who come to him to repent? Doesn’t he accept heartfelt prayers? Was Züleyha’s sincere and sincere prayer, who regretted what he had done years later and aged, was not accepted by my Lord? The fault is for the servant, the fault is for us … If he does not make a mistake, the servant is of course better, but if he did not have faith in the person who made the mistake, there would be no embarrassment or sadness in the servant. As the lover and the maşuk really love each other, the belief in Love (Allah, Gratitude and Destiny) will protect the Hüdâ love in them. My belief is that Mawla will forgive him, whether the person who makes a mistake in love repents with surrender and clings to the rope of trust.

You are the ivy that grows in the land of trust. You are in love with everything you love, just like me. As my heart burns, the deadlock radiates peace, The finite is the light that illuminates the cruelty.

On the 100th anniversary of Turkish cinema, “legendary” female actors will meet in a documentary years later. In the documentary, the stories of legendary names will be told through interviews by new generation female actors such as Nurgül Yeflilçay, Özgü Namal and Beren Saat.

Nowadays, there is a great attack campaign on behalf of the Turkish, identity and existence by the domestic traitors, with the support and origin of America, the European Union and Israel. Appearing Islamist but never Islamist, it is the United States, the PKK, its trigger-driven circles, liberals, these His grudge against his existence is not purely internal. Also, this job is not a matter of now.

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