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He is the father of 6 children. It cannot be said that he is very much a father. Frank is an alcoholic, selfish and narcissistic. But he can be a good person from time to time. He spends most of his time in Alibi, the bar where Kev works. The word shameless (shameless) is like it was created for him. He even reported his family once.

He is the person who takes care of 6 children. He is the guardian of his brothers. When Steve-Jimmy-Jack disappears, he begins to have an affair with his new boss. Later, he was abandoned when he cheated on his boss with his brother. While flirting with a soloist with a group in season 5, he learns that his flirtation is his lover. Then, interesting things happen and he marries Gus, another member of that group. Then he started hanging out with Sean.

Fiona’s ex. Her family is a rich and cultural family. But Steve doesn’t like to be like them – he was a car thief before and later wants to go back to medical school. That’s why he got out with Fiona. It is later revealed that he is married and his name is Jimmy. In season 5, he is seen to be Jack. Who he is and what he does is still a mystery.

He is the youngest boy in the family after Liam. He is violent and does dangerous things. Because of this, he is constantly in danger of being expelled from his school. He is fearless and rebellious. When he spent a year in the correctional center from selling drugs, he behaved like an African-American and started selling weapons.

He is the oldest boy in the family. He is very intelligent, so he takes exams on behalf of others to earn money. She’s with Karen for season one, but later starts dating Mandy. He entered MIT in the season finale. At college, he begins to be with his roommate’s beloved Amanda.

He is the oldest man in the family after Phillip. He is gay. He wants to join the American Navy, and to do so, impersonating his older brother Lip, he joins the army. Then he returns as a deserter. They were with Mickey for a while. Like her mother, Monica, she has bipolar disorder.

He is the youngest boy in the house. Quiet, calm, harmonious. Fiona survives severe trauma from her. Because of his skin color, no one thinks he is Frank’s son, but he is Frank’s son.

She is the youngest daughter of the family. He is intelligent. She thinks of others more than herself and she is an honest person. He knows the hidden secrets of Steve-Jimmy-Jack. As she entered her adolescence, she fell out with Fiona. Regardless, she is a loyal girl to her family. She finds out later that she is pregnant.

She is the mother of the house but abandoned her children at a young age. He returns home as a lesbian for a while, but goes back to his illness, which will injure all of his children even more. Later, he kidnaps Ian from prison and wants to spend time with him. He gets together with a young boy selling metaformin for a while. No matter what happens, he is in love with Frank, and in season 7 he died as a result of his cerebral artery bursting.

She is the daughter of Frank’s being someone else. He has a son named Chuckie. He loves his father no matter what he does.

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