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As a result, new important academic researches on the history of Aghgoyunlu state were published. One such publication is “History of the White Sheep State” by Turkish historians Ilhan Erdem and Kazim Paydas, published in Ankara in 2007. Politics, organization and culture ”4. It should be noted that the history of the White Sheep state in Turkish historiography was preceded by the monographs of I. Erdem and K. Paydash. Uzuncharshili5, M.X.Yinanch6, F.Sumer7, Sh.Turan8 and S.Ershahin9. In these studies, the main attention was paid to the political history of the Aghgoyunlu state. That’s right, İ.H. Uzuncharshili’s work also pays special attention to social and cultural issues10. Only in S. Ershahi’s monograph the issues related to the political history of the Aghgoyunlus, their economic, social and cultural history 36 investigated as an object. It is in this work that we see the initiative to study the history of the Aghgoyunlu state as a whole and to try to achieve enough to solve the problems posed by the author. It should be noted that the political, economic and Read More »

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Phones, p. Author: Professor Suleyman Tülfici. This question is for testing whether you are A Human Visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. This is the rest of the hz. We can add these in the ruans. I was also scornfully watching the Pony. I saw a pretty bright body. Istanbul was like day. According to Çelikiz’s statement was UFO disk form. The UFO followed for an hour and a half is then dive into the sea. In those days, the largest artificial satellite was ECHO 2. There is an interesting situation. The VENWOs have disappeared after a while. Fatih Sultan Mehmet entered the city. So why do they come and don’t get in touch with us? One day they will come and save us. They say to be destroyed in the Earth. I can’t give history. The clock couldn’t look like this to a known object. Was in the form of eggs or ellipses. It was also lost in no time. Then the images disappeared. Later disappeared. Suddenly disappeared as a husky. The Gökcismi Read More »

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.. You can also see freshwater turtles sunbathing on dry logs. Citrus gardens and greenhouses that fill the fertile lands along the rich riverbed are also worth seeing. It is charming and proud, like all cities with a river running through it. The color of her hair is from the gilded domed monasteries; the color of your eyes from the endless greenery; the pinkness of his cheeks from the vodka he drank instead of water; This city is a woman who takes the color of her skin from the cover of white snow covered in winter, whose lineage is also noble, but at the same time sleazy and friendly, full of life. In this issue of the magazine Bursa with the main theme of “water”, we turn our route to the north, to a city with a river running through it, Kiev. Even though Ukraine, which is our northern neighbor due to the Black Sea, even though it is not our border neighbor, has been a little far from us during the Iron Curtain period, Read More »

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.. ”he didn’t say? Everyone knows what Kanuni did for Hürrem … Sheikh Galip, although he was a sheikh, III. Didn’t he yearn for Selim’s sister, Beyhan Sultan? Didn’t he go into Topkapı Palace secretly for his love, meet and meet with his beloved even though it is not known what they were talking about in the special garden and in a corner away from the eyes? Wasn’t it love that put the lover and the tongs in this state? Didn’t Mevlânâ greet everyone for his beloved friend of life, Şems? Hasn’t he offended the world and everyone after his death? Didn’t dolphin burn with figurative love? It is a rumor, but did Sezai Karakoç and Cemal Süreyya not make a claim for Monaroza and Cemal Süreyya, who lost the claim, did not give up a “y” in her last name, which is important for a person, for love, for a woman? Were there not many wars in the world for love? Wasn’t the most famous of these the Turuva wars for Helene? What was Read More »

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I believe that this togetherness catch this season. “Yildirim Demirören, to upgrade the football brand value in Turkey emphasized the need to act long-term thinking, Clubs Association said they would support their audit record of the club through the Foundation. Turkey, explaining that currently many beautiful stadium made Demirören , “These stadiums do not have any meaning when there is no audience. It is necessary to fill these stadiums with the audience. ”Demirören stated that they wanted to renovate the Atatürk Olympic Stadium and turn it into a national team stadium. (AA) ANKARA – BUĞRA ERSAVAŞ – National wrestler Taha Akgül said that he will reach the gold medal by “breaking the leg of the devil” at the World Wrestling Championship to be organized in Uzbekistan. Reminding that he participated in the World Championship for the first time last year and won a bronze medal, Akgül told AA correspondent, “I was defeated by my opponent in the European Championship and left the bronze medal. As the last European champion, I go to the World Championship Read More »

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He quickly drank his first beer and ordered the second. He smoked this bottle slowly, lighted a cigarette, and lingered watching the boats in the bay. An hour and a half later, but still an hour and a half before it was time to meet with Liana, George fled his car into the parking lot of the Palm’s Lounge. This bar was transformed from an old farmhouse at the crossroads of two empty roads; There was a palm tree on one side, and a neon-lit beer sign above the door. He had bought a cheeseburger from a fast food store before; he ate this in his car. There were two other vehicles in the parking lot besides hers, both trucks. He was relieved when he did not see the car of the man who threatened him. The interior of the Palm’s Lounge was the size of a train car, the front being poorly lit by an overhead fluorescent lamp, while the rear was almost dark. There were two people in the hall, a staff member Read More »

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He is the father of 6 children. It cannot be said that he is very much a father. Frank is an alcoholic, selfish and narcissistic. But he can be a good person from time to time. He spends most of his time in Alibi, the bar where Kev works. The word shameless (shameless) is like it was created for him. He even reported his family once. He is the person who takes care of 6 children. He is the guardian of his brothers. When Steve-Jimmy-Jack disappears, he begins to have an affair with his new boss. Later, he was abandoned when he cheated on his boss with his brother. While flirting with a soloist with a group in season 5, he learns that his flirtation is his lover. Then, interesting things happen and he marries Gus, another member of that group. Then he started hanging out with Sean. Fiona’s ex. Her family is a rich and cultural family. But Steve doesn’t like to be like them – he was a car thief before and later Read More »

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After the ban casino gambling is quite popular in Turkey started to see online games, with the advancement of technology has begun to play out in virtual casinos. All of the most reliable virtual gambling sites or online casino sites that are actively working today can be expressed as virtual casino. The virtual casino, where various casino and live casino games such as baccarat, slot games, roulette, poker and so on can be played online, has an environment that allows betting lovers to feel as if they are gambling in a real casino in Cyprus or anywhere in the world, and even gain profits. On such platforms, while betting enthusiasts can only try free gambling games for fun, they can also earn or lose money through real money gambling sites. Virtual casino, also known by names such as Internet Casinos, online Casinos or virtual Casinos, is referred to as the online version of the traditionally known gambling games. Virtual gambling games and virtual casinos, which have become very popular in recent years, can provide gambling Read More »

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Roulette is one of the casino games dominated by the chance factor. Roulette sites can be possible to achieve high rates with roulette gaming types under casino headers. Many varieties are also able to spend fun times as well as making money with these roulette games. When you are having fun access to the access of roulette sites under casino games, you will be able to get the chance to win on the other side while you are having fun with this chance game. This special game type is possible to access the possibilities of the virtual way. However, you will need to be sensitive to the site selection when you want to head to a trusted site and play games with secure standards. At this point there will be the most accurate preference to a licensed site. As a matter of fact, licensed betting sites are served in the legal route and providing earnings are made smoothly. Moreover, it is no problem on these sites during the fee due to the fare to play Read More »

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The casino, or Casino as it is known in the world, is an entertainment place with gaming machines and tables where a large number of players can gamble at the same time. Entering casinos is prohibited to anyone under the age of 18 in many countries. It is located in the USA, Germany, France, China, England, Northern Cyprus, Switzerland, Australia, Austria, Italy, Monaco and many other countries. Turkey Turgut Ozal early 1990s, dozens of five-star casino operations has shown that, Tansu Ciller not controlled by states have casino era and also depresses the families of their lives (these were some of the reasons given, but the truth is a rather they trade war), 8-9 billion dollars on the grounds Casino he returned the money (1998, ’78) yıllıkv from a sector kapatıldı.o date, which employs more than 20,000 people in Turkey since the “official” it is forbidden to the Casino, Casino open until sentence is applied, but great with because it is 100TL the penalty sanctions In most metropolitans, over 1000 underground casinos known as “illegal” Read More »