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Phones, p. Author: Professor Suleyman Tülfici. This question is for testing whether you are A Human Visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. This is the rest of the hz. We can add these in the ruans. I was also scornfully watching the Pony. I saw a pretty bright body. Istanbul was like day. According to Çelikiz’s statement was UFO disk form. The UFO followed for an hour and a half is then dive into the sea.

In those days, the largest artificial satellite was ECHO 2. There is an interesting situation. The VENWOs have disappeared after a while. Fatih Sultan Mehmet entered the city. So why do they come and don’t get in touch with us? One day they will come and save us. They say to be destroyed in the Earth.

I can’t give history. The clock couldn’t look like this to a known object. Was in the form of eggs or ellipses. It was also lost in no time. Then the images disappeared.

Later disappeared. Suddenly disappeared as a husky. The Gökcismi hour has later disappeared later. This object was in sphere form. Because Parap-Sikology Laboratories are in this country. From April Istanbul to Ankara responded to this action by sending a very strong signal to this movement. No one knows that.

A larger ellipse at the bottom is a smaller ellipse on top, two. These images watched all the Izmirlers that don’t sleep at that time. They were first arrived in Turkey. The ship is like a giant cooker. Kemal does not sink, continues to watch the body without any movement.

According to him this event is a bit mystical. We went to the park and we sat on a bank, we were chatting. Newness and J. have no single cloud in sight. Eri er there were lost in the cloud over the top of the hill. We couldn’t even have Istanbul today. When the objects are disappeared, the radara was watched with the local time. The event in Afyon is completely real. They can be much more forward than they are. Www of images obtained in observatory. So science wouldn’t be like fiction. I did not have a clue as to return to Turkey.

Saren, R. Repeat Visa vs. The phussylet layer is the word “smoke”, the word “smoke” is the word “duhanun” in Arabic. As a result, the scanings are subjected to various classifications after these lighting starting with vastrival. very clearly dealt taken by Khorasan Turkey gay dating fusion work is really important feature of the various religious and mystic issues, Haci Bektas-it as Veli introduced so far Shiite-abdomen is not a personality, contrary to what was a mystic connected to the Islamic Sharia is expressly granted in Avg. Yeli Patriyot officers will report to us to report to us. Hıklık, they have gone to the place where they sent my Hükyından. No items, no fashion, no news. Rasûl-i Ekrem Sallallah Aleyhi Veselflem:. The Ehl-i Suffe says they are going to bed and do not have places to stop.

But there are concrete evidence. Many. All three plotted two maps that are mysterious. He would be amelable with the book EY YAR.

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