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Myrtle Beach Watersports & Water Activities

Snorkeling is swimming on the surface or through water with a diving mask, fins, and a hollow tube called a snorkel . It is a popular recreational activity and is appealing due to its simple nature. You can observe underwater life and corals without any training or equipment like in scuba diving. Water sports like underwater rugby, spearfishing, and underwater hockey are played using snorkeling equipment. Relax on a chartered sailboat, go scuba diving, take a dolphin watching tour, enjoy ocean kayaking, or hit the back bays of the North Myrtle Beach area or Murrell’s Inlet. Several popular watersports can even be done while taking in some of the natural wonders of the area’s historic marshes.

This is a form of water sports that involve a parachute that is designed to be towed behind a boat. While you cruise the boat, you can enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the waters. Just like synchronized diving, this sport entails a blend of gymnastics, swimming, and dance. Basically, the participants in one team will perform synchronized moves in the water as music is played in the background. Here, aerobic endurance, perfect timing, good breath control underwater, and strength are the most needed aspects.

Picigin, a traditional Croatian ball game that is played on the beach. It is an amateur sport played in shallow water, consisting of players keeping a small ball from touching the water. Kneeboarding, an aquatic sport where the participant is towed on a buoyant, convex, and hydrodynamically shaped board at a planing speed, most often behind a motorboat. Canoeing is an activity which involves paddling a canoe with a single-bladed paddle.

Water basketball, mixes the rules of basketball and water polo, played in a swimming pool. Teams of five players each must shoot at the goal with a ball within a certain time after gaining possession. When it comes to Myrtle Beach water sports and aquatic adventures, you can be sure to make some waves on your next vacation with plenty of options to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a little relaxation on the water, heart-pounding excitement or even a little of both, you’re sure to find it in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Another water surface sport, water skiing is basically skiing on water. An individual uses 2 skis or a single ski to skim or glide along the surface of water, and is pulled along by a high-speed powerboat with the help of a ski cable or rope. On a competitive basis, show water skiing and slalom skiing are followed, along with standard dual skiing. Water skiing has been a part of all major water sports championships including the Olympics, World Games, and World Championships. An individual uses two skis, or a single ski to skim or glide along the surface of water, and is pulled along by a high-speed powerboat with the help of a ski cable or rope.

While other all‑inclusive resorts claim to include all water sports, only Beaches includes a full range of motorized and non‑motorized water sports. Some of the favorite locations are areas prone to high winds. Barefoot skiing is just like water skiing, but with no skis! A person balances with their feet on the water as they are towed along with the boat. Barefoot skiers usually learn how to water ski first.

These water sports are all done on the surface of the water. In addition to these popular Myrtle Beach water sports, you’ll find plenty of activity right at the beach including skimboarding, bodyboarding and more. Combine adventure with exercise when you hit the water with a stand up paddle board rental. With jet skiing, you will be racing over water on a watercraft machine.

They offer a visual treat, motivation, and an elated feeling. Given below are some water sports that you can try your hand at. Whether you enjoy relaxing experiences, staying fit, or you’re looking for a thrill, there’s something for everyone on this list.

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