Daniel Negreanu: Hendon Mob Texas holdem Database

He quickly drank his first beer and ordered the second. He smoked this bottle slowly, lighted a cigarette, and lingered watching the boats in the bay. An hour and a half later, but still an hour and a half before it was time to meet with Liana, George fled his car into the parking lot of the Palm’s Lounge. This bar was transformed from an old farmhouse at the crossroads of two empty roads; There was a palm tree on one side, and a neon-lit beer sign above the door. He had bought a cheeseburger from a fast food store before; he ate this in his car. There were two other vehicles in the parking lot besides hers, both trucks. He was relieved when he did not see the car of the man who threatened him. The interior of the Palm’s Lounge was the size of a train car, the front being poorly lit by an overhead fluorescent lamp, while the rear was almost dark. There were two people in the hall, a staff member and a customer; They were sitting at one end of the bar, drinking something like a cocktail. The bar clerk was a man in his fifties with a bushy mustache, his hair dented from the top. Her client was a woman of the same age with a straw cowboy hat on her head. George walked to the bar and leaned an elbow on the counter. As the bartender approached him, he asked for a bottle of Budiveiser beer. The bartender gave the beer and took George’s two dollars. The music cabinet is broken, if you want to listen to songs, there is no need to throw money. George walked into the fridge with a beer in hand; Behind the glass part was a series of forty-five records. The names of the songs were written on the small cards. Most of them were country genre songs. George just chose names as he knew him. Hank Williams, for example, looked familiar. Patsy Cline too. He went to a table in the back with his beer and sat down. Liana walked through the door exactly nine past. While George was waiting for him, a short man came to the bar, sat next to the woman in the cowboy hat and ordered a whiskey. Later, a very fat man and his skinny wife, whose arms were covered with tattoos, came and sat at a table in the front and drank their whiskey in silence. When AudreyzLiana stepped inside, she couldn’t see the back for a while due to the strong light. Underneath was a black cotton trousers of the kind worn by the waiters, and on top of it was a green short-sleeved shirt – his favorite color. Her look was what George remembered: small shoulders, a slightly broad hips, expressive eyes … Liana saw her.

He walked over to George, glanced toward the bar, then put one hand on his shoulder and reached out slightly. It smelt the same – like cinnamon gum – and in just a few weeks George realized that he had forgotten this feature. Did he plug you in for this beer? asked Liana. No. Would you like another one? “I’ll get it,” George said. You sit. Do you want beer or something else? Beer is fine. Liana settled on the table as George went to the bar to buy two more beers.

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